Marky Starks is an important thread in the fabric of a music community. Not only a music lover, a show presenter, a house concert host, a newsletter writer, but also a singer/songwriter.

I’ve never stayed with the same work experience, ever. It always changes. This one is of my background as a presenter of artists, and as a writer. My earliest encounter was with Chuck McCabe and from him I learned everything I know as a writer and as a performer. He told me, “Hell yes, you can write.” Chuck is gone from us now but I remember everything he told me and am living that now. I also have a great deal of respect for Tom Faia who sometimes performs with me. As a presenter, the performers who please me the most are those with a local backing and those who may not be known yet. They start out small, but the next time it’s a full house.

Stuck on a Star
Written by Marky Starks and Ed Tree
Cold Cold Heart

Sung by Marky Starks and Tom Faia

Written by Marky Starks and Tom Faia
Reptile Dysfunction
Written by Marky Starks and Laurie Oudin

Ugly Mug in Soquel

Along with Dick Brundle, Marky brings local talent to this beloved corner coffee shop in Soquel. Marky helps catch those rising stars as well as helps promote established artists who are looking for an attentive audience in an intimate venue setting.

KPIG Radio Watsonville

Marky is one of the hospitality hosts on Sunday mornings during Sleepy John’s show, “Please Stand By”. She welcomes artists to the station, shows them the green room, and helps reduce pre-show jitters.

No shows booked at the moment.

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Canyon Acoustic Society
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